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Roads & Sanitation


Staff :  Program Manager, Sewerage, Truck Operator,                       Grader/Loader Operator, Garbage Truck Operator

Louis Bull Public Works was established in 1961 and is owned and operated by the Tribe. This program follows under the (O&M) Operational &Maintenance 
Louis Bull Public Works Department covers a wide area of services that are provided for the members of Louis Bull Tribe.

The main objective for the department is road maintenance, making sure that the roads are safe and accessible to travel on. They are also equipped to haul gravel and dirt, as well as to remove snow.



Portfolio Holder:

Wayne Moonias


Trevor Laroque

The department works to maintain driveways through the winter and summer months, making our homes on-reserve and in Ma-me-o Beach more easily accessible.

Louis Bull Public Works, along with the Housing department, is responsible for providing safe potable drinking water for members in the Housing development.


The department is also responsible for the Lagoon and Sewage system that services the acreage development.
Additionally, Louis Bull Public Works provides Vacuum Service for septic tank cleaning for the Tribe.