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The Louis Bull Membership Department was established in 1987, when the Tribe took over their own Membership Codes on June 25, 1987. Prior to this date, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) was in charge of membership.


Our reserve consists of 1990 individuals, registered with INAC on the "General List," which is a list of all registered individuals who are affiliated with the Louis Bull Tribe.


The Louis Bull "Tribal List" consists of 1850+ individuals, whom are registered with both the Tribe and INAC. Registered members may receive benefits which include Housing, Education and others benefits that the Tribe has to offer.


In 1987 the Louis Bull Tribal Council appointed a non-incorporated society, called the Membership Committee, which consists of seven Tribal members. The Membership Committee determines who is eligible to become a member of the Louis Bull Tribe and have developed policies and procedures for such membership with the Tribe.


The Louis Bull Membership Department has an Indian Registry Administrator who coincides with INAC. To become an Indian Registry Administrator, this individual has to go INAC to complete a week of training. Thereafter, the Louis Bull Membership Department is responsible for birth registrations, transfers, making Indian status and membership cards, marriage and death registrations, etc. These recordings must then be sent to INAC to be recorded and to update the individual's registry pages. There are policies and procedures that the Indian Registry Administrator must abide by that are set by INAC. For an example the Indian Registry Administrator must not release any information on any individual who is registered with the Tribe, due to the Privacy Act.


Every year the Louis Bull Membership Department along with INAC will host the "Treaty Day," which is usually held in June. This event attracts over 300+ individuals celebrating the special day that our ancestors signed our treaty rights with the federal government. On this day, people eat together and enjoy the activities that are set up for both adults and younger children to partake in.


Portfolio Holder:

James Bull


Membership Clerk:
Clancey Roasting

Information & Updates


Indian Status Cards and Louis Bull Membership Cards are done on the following dates:



9:00 A.M. - 3:00 P.M. 

No Exceptions!!!!


To All Louis Bull Parents and Band Members.


Please be advised that INAC will require the original Birth Certificate for registrations. You will need to sign a paper to have your Birth Certificate returned.