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Louis Bull housing was established in 1975 and was administered by Louis Bull Tribal members. Prior to 1975 everything was contracted out on a bidding process. Eventually the tribe started an apprentice program within the housing department. Successfully, we have a few trades people that have completed the apprenticeship program, including certified electricians, carpenters and plumbers.

Our apprenticeship program began in 1980, led by a Program Director. Our apprentices working under certified employees that were hired by the tribe to act as instructors.

Apprentice on training

In 1980, with a comprehensive plan and designation, the tribe developed an acreage to minimize the cost of constructing dwellings and the infrastructure to service the acreage. We have been forced to develop on this acreage, as a result of our minimum land base. The tribe has 207 houses on Louis Bull tribal lands.

Construted by members



Portfolio Holder:
Wayne Moonias


Trevor Laroque

The tribe has participated in the CMHC allotment, to offset the waiting list for their members that are waiting for houses. Louis Bull tribe has 43 units that have been allocated to them by CMHC from year to year.