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Kisipatnahk Health & Wellness


The Louis Bull Tribe Kisipatnahk Health & Wellness is committed to providing programs and services based on the needs of the Louis Bull Tribal Elders and Disabled persons living on reserve. We recognize that the Elders and Disabled have made and continue to make many contributions to strengthen our language, culture, community and our daily lives. We honor and respect the Elders and Disabled for their skills, knowledge, experience and leadership. The Kisipatnahk Health & Wellness will strive to enhance the quality of Elders' and Disableds' living situations.

Portfolio Holder:
Telly Raine (Chair)

Irvin Bull (Co-Chair)


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Goals and Objectives:



Goal 1

To provide programs and services based on the needs of the Elders and Disabled



By providing programs that will promote good health, e.g. Nutrition Workshops, Personal Care.


By ensuring the state of physical health of the elders and disabled is continuously monitored, through home visits.


To provide transportation services for elders and disabled who are unable to get to important errands.


Goal 2

To ensure services for Elders and Disabled homes are properly maintained based on their needs.



By providing repair cost of their essential appliances, so that they are in proper working condition at all times.


To assist Elders and Disabled persons by contacting proper personnel through reports, memos or letters, when they are in extreme need of other services not provided by Kisipatnahk Services, e.g. Contacting Housing/Public Works for renovations, plumbing, electrical and road clearing (winter). Also, by contacting proper health authorities for equipment for the Elders and Disabled.


Goal 3

To establish communication with Elders and Disabled persons; to give them the opportunity to voice their concerns with Chief and Council and the community as a whole.



By having an annual special meeting with Chief & Council and Elders.


By having quarterly meetings with the Elders and Disabled persons and the community.


Visiting Elders within their homes, keeping contact through telephone, and memorandums.


Goal 4

To establish communication between youth/children and Elders/Disabled.



By providing a program with Elders/Disabled in conjunction with local schools and daycare that would enhance the quality of our traditional and cultural ways of life.


Goal 5

To live in a community and dwelling that is clean, pleasant, beautiful and well planned (wellness).



By providing minor housecleaning and yard/appliance maintenance services for elders and disabled persons on a daily basis.


By providing major cleaning throughout the house on the yearly basis.


By providing rug & upholstery cleaning twice a year based on client needs.


By participating in the annual staff clean up day.


Goal 6

To value the importance of staff development, in order to strengthen their skills and individuality.



By having skilled and trained employees.


Accessing training through HRD for staff to train is areas such as personal support aids, WHIMIS, First Aid & CPR.

Kisipatnahk Health & Wellness    currently offers :


  • Homemaker services are defined as non-nursing services. These include: preparing meals, washing laundry, grocery shopping and minor household cleaning as per check sheet list.


  • Personal Care Services to assist a person with daily living activities e.g.; dressing, feeding and personal hygiene.


  • Homemaker services are defined as non-nursing services. These include: preparing meals, washing laundry, grocery shopping and minor household cleaning as per check sheet list.


  • Transportation services include grocery shopping, checking mail and transporting persons to specialized programs to teach skills that clients need to function independently. Transportation services are also provided for medical appointments and also to the Macadil Building.


  • Utilities are currently covered for elders and disabled persons residing on reserve.


  • Maintenance services are provided to help the clientele with yard maintenance, snow removal and minor household repairs.


  • We assist the elders in processing applications for Special Needs, a Government funded program, which helps seniors with a one-time issuance for appliances.


  • We assist disabled clientele in applying for AISH, also a Government funded program, which helps client to be more independent.