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Louis Bull Economic Development provides opportunities for present and future generations to develop their full potential of becoming independent and self-sufficient.


Value Statements:


Respect         We treat others as we desire to be treated


Honesty         We build relationships and partnerships with honesty and fairness,                                            treating our Tribal membership with the same intent


Hardworking   We are known for our hardworking ethics and aim to be positive role                                         models


Family           Families are the heart of our community, Everything we do or strive for is                                 to improve the lives of our families.


Strategic Context - Opportunities:


  • Our location is in an ideal place, with our Reserve situated centrally between Edmonton and Calgary, just off the four lane highway.


  • Louis Bull Economic Development has the opportunity to develop off reserve lands.


  • Louis Bull Economic Development has the opportunity to plan and establish a Cultural Interpretive centre.


  • Louis Bull Economic Development has the opportunity to establish relationships and partnerships that will be beneficial to the department and the Tribal member ship.


  • Louis Bull Economic Development has the opportunity to educate and train there staff.


  • Louis Bull Economic Development has the opportunity to improve on their businesses to bring in more revenue.


  • Louis Bull Economic Development is rich in human resources, on reserve/off reserve land and existing businesses.

Louis Bull GasBar Services

Kisipatnahk Economic Development


Desmond Bull (Chair) 


Kelsey Crane


Consultation Coordinator:

Melanie Daniels


Jaclyn Bull



First Nations are rights-holders as well as stakeholders in many watersheds in Alberta;they have rights to water,land, and subsistence that must be respected.First Nations must therefore be consulted in the watershed planning process,and should be engaged as early as possible.Each Nation has a Consultation Office with Consultation officers/managers.Consultation officers/managers are the first point of contact for each Nation,act as the liaison between interested parties and the First Nation,and communicate with the governance level(Chief and Council).Consultation Offices may be reached through the Nation’s individual websites,Administrative offices, or via the Government of Alberta Website Consultation contacts.For more information on engaging and involving First Nations in watershed planning,please see the ALMS document titled,‘Engaging First Nations in Alberta.’


Consultation Coordinator