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Tansi Welcome Everyone


The Louis Bull Tribe is one of the Four Nations of Maskwacis.


We are located approximately:

-90 kilometers south of Edmonton and 2 kilometers east of Queen Elizabeth /Hwy 2

-10 kilometers southwest of the City of Wetaskiwin

-25 kilometers northwest of the Town of Ponoka

-50 kilometers from the residential and recreational area of Pigeon Lake

The Tribe has a population of approximately 2380 General Tribal members and is governed by a Chief and seven Council members.

The community encompasses 3,127 hectares (7,727 acres) and is surrounded by the Ermineskin Cree Nation to the east and south-east, the County of Wetaskiwin No. 10 to the north and west, and County of Ponoka on to the South.


Louis Bull owns several businesses, including a gas bar convenient store, a golf course, RV park and an inn with restaurant and lounge on Pigeon Lake.


Louis Bull Chief and Council encourages economic development and business ventures on and off reserve to increase employment opportunities, generate tribal revenues and to provide quality services to both our members and our patrons.

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A Safe, Healthy, Prosperous and Thriving Cree Nation (Kisipatnahk)



To provide good governance and self-determination



We honor and acknowledge the diverse traditions and culture of our Nation.  


We are truful in all our actions and deliberations.      


We are an open and resposible government.  


We demonstrate care and concern in our relations with others. 



Elders are our strength. We accept their guidance and wisdom in decision making. Our Elders teach us our way of life and we salute them for their participation, care and love towards our community members. Elders are our strength. We accept their guidance and wisdom in decision making.

First Nations in Alberta constitute several dozen nations. Reserves of these First Nations were established in Alberta by a series of treaties. Louis Bull tribe is part of the Cree Nations, the largest group of First Nations in Canada, with over 200,000 members and 135 registered bands.


Louis Bull GAS Service

Louis Bull Gas Service a walks distance from the LBT Admin building